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I'm new to Blueprint and 960 in Compass.

I've gotten a basic 2 column example working with Blueprint. But I want to expand the width so the left & right panels take the entire screen (a la gmail). So the left column would be a fixed width, and the right column would expand as the window exapnds.

Using Compass (with Blueprint or 960), what's the best way to achieve this?


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Ok, I got something working on this. I just use blueprint's basic .container class, with a margin of 0. All containers within that are stretching to the entire width of the screen.

To make the left pane a fixed width (not changing as window resizes), I mixed in a blueprint column of +column(2). I left the right pane alone, and gave it a margin that puts it beside the left pane. Presto, on window resizing, the left pane stays stationary and the right pane adjusts width.


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