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I have to comparare two web pages and analyse if there is any difference between them. The problem is: i need to include every DOM element (also the ones that are added dynamically through javascript), AND i need to include all applied CSS settings (aka. computed style).

For example: if there is an CSS :hover setting defined, I need to get a different result when my mouse is over the element, than when it is not over the element.

Maybe I could make an javascript iteration through every element of the page, ask for every css setting and for every child DOM element. But i think this would take a long time and would blow the resulting DOM and make it more difficult to compare.

Any ideas?? Thanks!!

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For Firefox, XmlSerializer is your friend.

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Looks good - but here the computed style is NOT part of the serialisation!? –  leo Oct 14 '11 at 7:23

I would check out selenium. There is a command selenium.getHtmlSource(); You can call this after a javascript function occurs. After a quick look I found this



Need to compare 2 html documents using Java & selenium

I am sure its not the elegant way you were hoping for but I hope this will get you started

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getHtmlSource() gets you the original HTML, not the dynamically modified current page. There are some very minor alterations, as the DavidLaing.com article says, but nothing significant. –  Ross Patterson Oct 14 '11 at 1:50

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