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I am wondering if there is an option in xcode that will let you debug a variable to see if it's being used in your code anywhere?

I find sometimes I make changes to my code, then I look at all of my synthesised variables and I'm just not positive that they are being used.. I don't mind going through my code and checking but I thought it would be more productive if their was a function that would help me do this quicker?

Dose anyone know of such a thing?

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You can set the Unused parameter warnings in the Build Settings of your project. Just search "Unused" when looking for the option.

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thank you, that worked perfectly! but how do i use it :) –  C.Johns Oct 13 '11 at 20:31
got it! I was looking at unused variables.. lol :) worked perfectly.. app showed about 60 something unused paramteres lol :( –  C.Johns Oct 13 '11 at 20:38

Product -> Analyze will also show variables that are not read, which sometimes can capture more unused variables.

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If you switch the compiler to LLVM/GCC or just LLVM, then run "Analyze" (CMD+SHIFT+I I think, might be CMD+SHIFT+J) it will put a warning next to any unused variables/ivars/properties.

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