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I have a CoffeeScript file in which I am writing a class for interactions with an audio player but for some reason I can't get it to play nicely inside of another coffeeScript file in my Rails app.


window.Player = ->
    constructor: (@player_id = "player") ->
        jw = {
                'flashplayer':"<%= asset_path('player.swf') %>"
                'controlbar': 'top'
                'autostart': 'false'
                'playlist': '[]'
                'skin':"<%= asset_path('awardfm.zip') %>"

    play: (track_data) ->
        console.log track_data


$ ->
    jw = window.Player "player" || {}
    $('.play').click ->

I keep getting this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: Player is not defined

Its now working with the above code samples

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To make a class globally addressable you should prefix the name of the class with "@" (unless you are within a closure in which case you need to prefix it with "window." but you probably wouldn't want to do that anyway).


class @Player
    constructor: (@player = "player") ->

    play: (track_data) ->


jw = new Player 
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To access a function from one coffeescript file in another, attach the function in the top level window object then reference it in your file, window.MyClass

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