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I am pulling in some information from a database that contains dimensions with both ' and " to denote feet and inches. Those characters being in my string cause me problems later and I need to replace all of the single and double quotes. I can successfully get rid of one or the other by doing:

this.Vals.replace(/\'/g, "")   To get rid of single quotes


this.Vals.replace(/\"/g, "")   To get rid of double quotes

How do I get rid of both of these in the same string. I've tried just doing

this.Vals.replace(/\"'/g, "")


this.Vals.replace(/\"\'/g, "")

But then neither get replaced.

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Both methods work like a charm. I will mark an answer as soon as it will let me. Thanks! – jmease Oct 13 '11 at 21:01

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You don't escape quotes in regular expressions

this.Vals.replace(/["']/g, "")
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Try this.Vals.replace(/("|')/g, "")

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mystring = mystring.replace(/["']/g, "");
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You don't need to escape it inside. You can use the | character to delimit searches.

"\"foo\"\'bar\'".replace(/("|')/g, "")
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