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I am new to Semantic Web. I want to start working on creating some basic RDF document and publish them to get a feel how it works.I found a lot of information about the concepts,vocabulary etc but I couldn't find any thing related to development as what is the development environment required, what are the tool required. I am from .net background . Is there any tutorial available on how to get started and use rdf in web pages.

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Its real easy to be confused at first, but its ultimately simple enough. I liked this UMBC equity video tutorial on RDFa, its starts by explaining RDF, gives you a nice human readable notation for reference (N3) and then shows you how to put RDF into normal web pages using the RDFa attributes.

I've also started publishing my own RDFa about music events and found the RDFa distiller handy for translating my RDFa into alternative syntaxes (there are lots) so that I can check my work.

If RDFa suits your use-case, then check out the wiki for a review of common errors. Even MySpace got some of these wrong.

It should be noted that RDFa is not the only way to publish RDF, but its the most awesome :-)

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The most known API for handling a set of semantic triples (subject,predicate, value) is called Jena: see There is a simple tutorial where you'll leran to manipulate a simple triple (RDF) store.

Start with this you'll then, later, learn RDFS/OWL (the ontology stuff)

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I like Jena, but its more for storing and querying rather than publishing, though you can of course publish from it by storing something then querying it ;-) – Simon Gibbs Apr 23 '09 at 12:24

I recommend reading an introduction about semantic web technologies such as link text. Then, you could get down to examining semantic web tools out there. A comprehensive list of these tools could be found at link text.

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For an RDF API for .NET, see

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