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I have an application which needs to run 2 processes.
A - a backgournd process, non UI, runs on phone startup
B - GUI process which is invoked either by user selecting the icon or by the process A on occurrence of certain event.

I am able to implement every thing using eclipse java plugin. I specify all the required properties in Blackberry_App.Descriptor.xml.

Now to automate the build process through ant build script i need to specify everything in build.xml.

I am not able to specify the properties in elements "jdp" and "entry"

Could somebody pls guide me how to configure my build.xml for specific entry points?

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Solved the problem code <jdp title="@{client}" vendor="Vendor Name" version="@{version}" description="@{client.description}" type="cldc" icon="${dir.resource}/@{client.target}/@{app.icon}" systemmodule="false" runonstartup="false" startuptier="7"> <entry title="ProcessA" arguments="ProcessAArg" ribbonposition="2" systemmodule="true" runonstartup="true" startuptier="7"> </entry> </jdp> –  Big O Oct 13 '11 at 23:01
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