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I'm kinda new in java and I'm trying to port my experience from c# world to java here is the code :

public class TestBasket {

    private Item[] shops  = {} ; 
    int arraysIndex=0;

    public static void main(String argc[]){

        TestBasket tb = new TestBasket();

        tb.storeItems(new Item("test", 100));
        catch(Exception e){

    public void storeItems(Item it){

        if (arraysIndex >= shops.length){

            System.out.println("the count of length is" + shops.length);
            System.out.println("the count of length is" + shops.length);

        shops[arraysIndex] = it;


    //this is a generic method to resize every kind of array 

    public Item[] cpArr(Item[] arr){
        Item[] retArr = Arrays.copyOf(arr, arr.length + 10);
        return retArr;

after executing the program I will get this message :

length is0

length is0


java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0

which means still the length of array is zero which it shouldn't be zero. I'm confused where did I go wrong?


I get my answer it was my fault I have to get the retrun value as the result which I didn't do that.

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You're not using the result of:


What this method does is create a NEW array, nothing changes in your current one! So you need to do:

shops = cpArr(shops);

Hope this helps.

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If I remember arrays in java have a fixed size and you have to copy the data in a new bigger array. To have lists of dynamic size I recommend using the Array List.


import java.util.*; //Really generic import
// You can use templates or the generic ArrayList which stores "Object" type
ArrayList<String> myArray = new ArrayList<String>();
// Add one item at a time
// Add items from a Collection object
myArray.addAll(Arrays.toList(new String[]{"World", "Just", "Demo"});
// Get item
// Remove item

I think you can guess the rest (and read the javadoc). Hope I can be of help

NB: I havent done Java in a while but it should be mostly right.

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You probably want to set: shop = cpArr(shops) instead of just calling the method.

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