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UPDATE : Some have said that they were able to get more than 1 childNode... Here is my fiddle - I am only getting 1 childNode to display.

Where is the error?

ORIGINAL Question Below is a partial snippet of javascript code that I have inherited. Basically this function used to get XML data by calling an AJAX function. However, due to requirement changes I am generating an XML string and storing that string in hidden input variable on the screen (Classic ASP).

After looking closer at the original script I found that it would be nice if I could somehow pass my xml string into the cmdxml variable. However, when I set cmdxml equal to my xml string: cmdxml = $.parseXML(xmlVal); and then try to use the snippet below it only gets 1 child node. I've included a small snippet of the xml string that I'm passing below.

Old Javascript Function (partial) using cmdxml:

    if (req.responseXML!=null) {
        var PropName;
        var PropValue;              
        var cmdxml = req.responseXML.documentElement;   
        // read each document element child node in the XML document

    for (var c =0;c<cmdxml.childNodes.length;c++) {
            var m;
            var t = cmdxml.childNodes[c];   //req.responseXML.documentElement.childNodes[c]
            if (t!=null) {
            switch(t.nodeName) {     //req.responseXML.documentElement.childNodes[c].nodeName
                    case "RObject": {   //response object
                        var RObject = t;    
                    var CtrlChangeType = RObject.attributes[2].value;
                        var CtrlObjName = RObject.attributes[1].value;
                        var CtrlObjType = RObject.attributes[0].value;
                        var CtrlObj;

                    var RObjProp = RObject.getElementsByTagName("Property");
                    PropName =  RObjProp[0].attributes[0].value;
                        PropValue = getElementText(RObjProp[0].getElementsByTagName("Value")[0]);

                    switch (CtrlChangeType) {   //req.responseXML.documentElement.childNodes[c].nodeName.attributes[0].value
                        case "comboboxInsRow": {

Here is a snippet of my xml string that I'm passing:

<?xml version="1.0" ?><xCMDS><JCallBack ProgramName="x"><Value><![CDATA[top.closeCtrlLoading();]]></Value></JCallBack><RObject Type="E" Name="gH2ptObj_co_code" ChangeType="objProp" rowNum="" colNum=""><Property Name="value"><Value><![CDATA[]]></Value></Property></RObject>
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I get 2 childNodes for the snippet, when using alert($.parseXML('your snippet').documentElement.childNodes.length);' . But I appended the missing closing <xCMDS>`-tag. –  Dr.Molle Oct 13 '11 at 22:01
@Dr.Molle - I see what you did here. How come I couldn't just pass in $.parseXML(xmlVal) to cmdxml? - BTW if you put this as an answer I'll accept it. –  webdad3 Oct 13 '11 at 22:34

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parseXML returns an XMLDocument, . You'll need to set cmdxml zo $.parseXML('snippet').documentElement to access the childNodes(childNodes is a property of nodes, usually not available in documents) .

Your fiddle returns a childNode, but this is the root-element, you like to access the childNodes of the root-element.

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