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I want a simple Like button. How can I obtain that. I don't want any viewcount nor people displayed besides my like button.

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i use layout button_count, does not show faces but does show a simple count on the right hand side. NOTE: you can not modify the button in the DOM for violation of Facebook Usage Terms. – Shawn E Carter Oct 13 '11 at 22:13
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Your best bet may be to use the Facebook like button code generator and:

  1. Set the Layout Style to button_count
  2. Uncheck the Send Button option
  3. Uncheck the Show Faces option

Hope this helps!

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Shorter answer: Use:


in your element. This will display '0' rather than the longer prompt. There is unfortunately no way to display nothing at beside the button, however you can use CSS/JS tricks to hide the count.

This could be as simple as:


but see the question linked above for more detailed information.

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Just change the attribute show-faces to false like this:

<fb:login-button show-faces="false"></fb:login-button>
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