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In my rails app, have a tree-like model like this:

class File
  belongs_to :parent, :foreign_key => "parent_id", :class_name => "File"

I want to add functionality to the behavior of the parent setter. So something like this (except it doesn't work)?

def parent=(new_parent)
  # Additional stuff I want to do here

I need the default behavior to still exist since I think it manages the relations but I need to know when parent is changed so I can do some additional tasks.

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The workaround I currently have is this:

class File   
  belongs_to :parent, :foreign_key => "parent_id", :class_name => "File"   
  before_save :check_parent

  def check_parent
    if self.parent_id_changed?
      # Additional stuff I want to do here
    end   end end

The only downside is you have to save for this to kick in. Ideally I would want it to kick in as soon as parent_id is changed. Otherwise this works just fine though I'd be open to a better solution.

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