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Apple has advertised over 200 new features for iOS 5, but it seems only a few are available to developers as of: October 13, 2011. I was wondering how to use the Storyboard feature that was displayed on their developer page:

I couldn't find much documentation, so does anyone know how to find this feature and utilize it in Xcode 4.2 for iOS 5 SDK?

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When you create a new project in XCode you should see the option "Use Storyboard" which will add a storyboard for you when the project is created.

For an existing project you can create a new file and under the "User Interface" section there is Storyboard.

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Thanks, works great! Awesome new feature! – Sam Oct 14 '11 at 2:36

It is a very helpful tool. There is a detailed set of instructions about how you can use this feature. However there are quite a lot more that you might have to know which you will learn with practice.

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There is also this video intro to Storyboards from 2011 WWDC:

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