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Is it possible to enter an alertable wait state using MsgWaitForMultipleObjects() / MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx()?

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it is possible to enter into an alertable wait if you specify MWMO_ALERTABLE flag as the last parameter (dwFlags - the wait type)

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MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx puts the thread in an alertable wait state.

From MSDN on SleepEx:

A thread goes into an alertable wait state by calling either SleepEx, MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx, WaitForSingleObjectEx, or WaitForMultipleObjectsEx, with the function's bAlertable parameter set to TRUE.

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Yeah, but MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx doesn't have a bAlertable parameter. Does it just go into alertable state by default? –  Ee Zz Apr 22 '09 at 9:35
@Ee Zz: To expand on that, the only difference (as far as I am aware) between MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx and MsgWaitForMultipleObjects is the former is alterable, thus no separate parameter or flag is needed. –  Richard Apr 22 '09 at 15:35

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