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I have searched this forum and have done extensive google search and have not been able to figure it out. I have many links that look like:




I have tried lots of different code putting this in my .htaccess file:

Options +FollowSymLinks
Options +Indexes
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^([^/]*)\.html$ /example6.php?id=$1 [L]


<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^id/(.*) example6.php?id=$1

and many more attempts but nothing works to get my URLS to look like this:

  • mysite.com/example6/play-game
  • mysite.com/example6/watch-tv
  • mysite.com/example6/go-outside

I do have mod_rewrite enabled on my server. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Try this:

RewriteRule ^example6/(.*)$ example6.php?id=$1 [L]

Your first example (RewriteRule ^([^/]*)\.html$ /example6.php?id=$1 [L]) would correctly work for urls like "/play-game.html", and your second example (RewriteRule ^id/(.*) example6.php?id=$1) would correctly work for urls like "/id/play-game".

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I've tried using RewriteRule ^example6/(.*)$ /example6.php?id=$1 [L] but it does nothing the links remain mysite.com/example6.php?id=play-game Does it matter where I put my .htaccess file? –  Joe Wollmering Oct 14 '11 at 5:27
I just made a change. I removed the leading slash from the second component. Try this now. –  Ben Lee Oct 14 '11 at 5:31
For rewrites that don't match full urls like "http://" (e.g. for rewrites that match regexes, the second component is understood to be a file path, so the leading slash makes it relative to the root of the filesystem. No leading slash makes it relative to the web folder, which is what you want. –  Ben Lee Oct 14 '11 at 5:33
Thanks for the help but I still get no results. This is how I have my links set up <a href="mysite.com/example6.php?id=play-game">play game</a> Does this matter when using rewrite? I can't think of anything else at the moment why I can't get this to work –  Joe Wollmering Oct 14 '11 at 5:51
You should be just linking directly to the desired urls: <a href="http://mysite.com/example6/play-game">play game</a>. –  Ben Lee Oct 14 '11 at 5:58

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