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There is an function which has switch case and we need to reduce its CC

       string data = string.empty;
       switch (value)
            case "Less than 2 billion":
                data = "0 - 2B";
            case "2 billion to 10 billion":
                data = "2B - 10B";
            case "10 billion to 20 billion":
                data = "10B - 20B";
            case "20 billion to 50 billion":
                data = "20B - 50B";
            case "Greater than 50 billion":
                data = "> 50B";
            case "N/A":
                data = "N/A";
            case "[items] > 0":
                data = string.Empty;
        return data;
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IMHO CC is metric that should serve as a guideline not as a rule. The switch statement gives higher CC but is there really a maintainability problem here? – FuleSnabel Oct 14 '11 at 5:25
But does reduce CC by replacing it with a dictionary truely increase maintainability or is it just reducing CC? In my experience; whenever I have replaced these kind of switch statements with a dictionary lookup the response has been: "I liked the switch statement better". Who is correct about maintainability? The CC metric or the devs that are maintaining it? – FuleSnabel Oct 14 '11 at 6:50
I don't think replacing this with a dictionary makes it any less complex and I think you'd be better off spending your effort elsewhere. One thing that worries me however are the hardcoded strings (e.g. "Less than 2 billion" and "0 - 2B"), these should really be constants for maintainability. FYI you don't need a break on each case if you are just returning data, just do return "0-2B"; – Joey Oct 14 '11 at 7:26
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You could use a dictionary lookup in this case, it would be a little less code and clearer.

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i used Dictionary<string, string> and now CC is 1 but want to know if same function is being called in multiple places then will it hamper performance because in every call it will create Dictionary. – Jeevan Bhatt Oct 14 '11 at 6:13
In most situations you can have the the dictionary as a static member and thus only initializing it once. – FuleSnabel Oct 14 '11 at 6:51

You could do something like this

private Dictionary<EnumType, Action<param1Type,param2Type,etc> strategies = 
new Dictionary<EnumType, Action<param1Type, param2Type, etc>();


private void LoadDictionary()
strategies.Add(enumType.Option1, Method1);
strategies.Add(enumType.Option2, Method2);


private void Method1(param1Type param, param2Type param2, etc)
// your specific logic here

And you use it like this:

public void DoSomethingDependingOnCase(enumType option, param1Type param1, param2Type param2)
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