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i want to use cursor inside a cursor

or can i write query like

select t.name,t1.name 
from dbo.sysobjects as t, dbo.sysobjects as t1 
where t.name like 'a%' or t1.name like "b%a" 

and use a single cursor to fetch the both kind of table name?

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This is a cartesian query and I suppose this is wrong query. Describe what do you want to get. –  kolchanov Oct 14 '11 at 7:33

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You can use a cursor inside another cursor (not recommended!).

But if that is what you want you can use a cursor with one query only.

If you want cartesian query it's like this:

select t.name, t1.name from dbo.sysobjects t, dbo.sysobjects t1
where t.name like 'a%' or t1.name like 'b%a'

If you want another type of query just tell what do you expect to see as the result.

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