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This is the problem: I have a form for inputting names, then saves it, then displays it in another activity. But once I try to enter another name, the previous name is overwritten by the new name.

Is there a way to set these names up to list themselves one after another without overwriting each other in SharedPreferences?

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Either do it like Konstantin Pribluda suggested, or you might think of using the SQLite, if you have a lot of names you want to store (e.g. if creating a history of typed in names). That way you can store unlimited values for the same key and retrieve them as a list/cursor. But of course that's overkill if you only have 2-3 names…

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Thanks for the info. I ended up using SQLite and have it working. Now I have new problem. I'm building a cash register. Entering info works fine, but I'm having trouble trying to get combine the values ($) of each bill into a textview to show the total of all bills added together. Any suggestions on how to make this possible or a specific tutorial on the web? –  SpicyWeenie Oct 20 '11 at 19:01
@Paul If this answer was helpful, you might want to accept it. Your new question should be an actual new question (if you've not already asked it by now). –  Bart Jan 30 '12 at 8:59

You can as long as they have distinct names. Ig you need multiple values for same name, you can store JSON array or use some form of prefix / suffix solution to provide unique names

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you can also save a Set of Strings in the SharedPreferences.

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