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jQuery 1.4.2 in IE 8

When I call $.isFunction(function() {}) it returns true.
Source code isFunction function:

    isFunction: function (obj) {
        return === "[object Function]";

When I write in console {}) === "[object Function]" it throws "Object doesn't support this property or method".

Source code of minified version:

isFunction:function(a){return $.call(a)==="[object Function]"}

When I write in console $.call(function() {})==="[object Function]" it returns false.
Why code works in different ways?

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What are you actually asking here? – Alex Thomas Oct 14 '11 at 9:26
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At the top of the JQuery 1.4.2 source (inside the wrapper), toString is defined as Object.prototype.toString. The global toString function is different from the prototyped toString method, hencethe different results.

// Save a reference to some core methods
toString = Object.prototype.toString,
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this is the truth :

 alert(   Object.prototype.toString.apply(t)    );
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