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Can you recommend me a good book about Mac OS X development with Xcode 4 ? I found some books on Amazon which introduce development with Xcode 3. As far I see there is a huge difference in UI between Xcode 3 and 4, and I think I will be confused if I read a book for Xcode 3 but am using Xcode 4.

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"Cocoa programming for Mac OS" by Aaron Hillegass (of Big Nerd Ranch fame) is a good book. Unfortunately the third edition doesn't cover XCode 4. The fourth edition (which comes out mid November) should cover this, if you can wait.

The differences between XCode 3 & 4 are minor compared with learning cocoa. In many ways if you're used to VisualStudio then XC4 may be less of a jump. My advice would be to have a look at the the Hillegass book, and check Apple's docs when there are differences. Also if you have access, the WWDC 2011 sessions on XCode were very informative.

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Look at this site:

But I prefer pdf and sample code from

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As others have said, most of the current Cocoa books are focused on Xcode 3. If you're looking for a solid grasp on the Xcode 4 IDE itself to augment your Cocoa learning, I'll toot my own horn (without linking to my site or using my Amazon affiliate ID :-)) and recommend Mastering Xcode 4.

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