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I'm creating the website of a music band. The band would like to have a music player that remains fixed while you browse the pages, a common problem.

Before you realize I wanted to know which technique is best is: - Use ajax calls to update the content but keep the player fixed - Use the system with the frames, so hated?

you would use that technique for a good SEO ranking?

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To use Iframe is always a bad SEO practice. To just keep the player fixed you can use CSS (in particular use the position: absolute or position: fixed). Anyway, as a final suggest, I advice to not start the music when the visitor arrives on your website. It is not a bad SEO practice but it is really annoying.

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thank aurelio, I willn't to start the music from the home page. If I handle all page with ajax handle can be a solution? This means that every page is loaded in ajax and not as separate links. –  biancardi Oct 26 '11 at 8:14
@biancardi If I were you, I would not like to use such system. It can be several problems with crawling if it's not do in the right way (maybe also if it's do well). –  Aurelio De Rosa Oct 26 '11 at 8:17
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