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I'm having troubles to find the SQLite databases that Phonegap creates on iPhone and Android.
I've checked the /data folder but there aren't any there.
I know that the APIs are based in the W3C Web SQL Database Specification and W3C Web Storage API Specification, and in computer's browsers I can see them with the inspector. In Phonegap documentation it says that it creates as SQLite database but I can't find it in my android device and iPhone.
Does anyone know where PhoneGap creates the databases?

Thanks in advance,

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What I did is easier and simpler. I did this for a single testing app and hope it will help you to.

Tiger ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/(version which you are testing)5.0/Applications/AADBB179-EC96-4020-910C-85CB01513C58 (yours will be different)/Library/Webkit/Databases/file__0/0000000000000001.db

Your file is 0000000000000001.db

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Hi , I cant find 0000000000000001.db file in my Database Folder. Do you know why so ? – NSException Jul 12 '12 at 11:28
not find my db.. – Jitendra May 2 '14 at 14:06

~/Library/Safari/ or ~/Library/WebKit

Where ~ = the application directory.

Hope this helps. I do not have an actual device to check on at the moment.

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