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I'm new in both the ExtJS and Netzke worlds.

We are building an application with many components that load data from external resorces, so I'm trying to make GridPanels load the data with auto_load=true and load_inline_data=false with no success.

With load_inline_date=false, the gridPanel is empty, but the data is not auto loaded.

Is there a way to make Netzke autoload the gridPanel on component creation?

Thanks, Quico

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This would require changing GridPanel internally, as autoLoad is an option on the Store, not on the grid itself. The only option I see is refactor grid_panel.js a bit so the store creation is in a separate method, which then could be overridden by your custom grid. From the other side, maybe it's even better writing a grid component like that from scratch, because it's not going to be a typical Netzke component (because it'll be getting data from an external source). – mxgrn Oct 14 '11 at 12:19
I tried to change the store creation in the GridPanel to something like this: = Ext.create('', Ext.apply({ model:, proxy: proxy, autoLoad: this.autoLoad, pruneModifiedRecords: true, remoteSort: true, pageSize: this.rowsPerPage }, this.inlineData ? {data: []} : {})); This is working in my case (that is, with all editing disabled), but it also makes an invalid request "";, even though the ExtJS documentation says autoLoad can be a boolean. – Francisco R. Santos Oct 14 '11 at 18:07

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