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I'm trying to create a simple onmouseover animation effect, so that when a user mouses over a div, the relatively positioned div within bounces. However, the code keeps looping and I can't work out why - am I using setInterval() badly? Here it is:

<title>Bouncer Test Page</title>

<style rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
background-color: #ffffff;
height: 100px;


<div id="container">
<div id="bouncer">
<img src="button.jpg"/>
<!-- end of the #bouncer div -->
<!-- end of the #container div -->

var selDiv = document.getElementById("bouncer"); 
var containerDiv = document.getElementById("container");
var index = 10; 
var intervalHandle1; 

function popImage(){
selDiv.style.top = relativeHeights[index];
        if(selDiv.style.top === '0px'){
        index = 0; 
        dropImage(index, intervalHandle1); 

window.onload = function(){
relativeHeights = ['0px', '5px', '10px', '15px', '20px', '25px', '30px', '35px', '40px', '45px', '50px'];
containerDiv.onmouseover = function(){ 
intervalHandle1 = setInterval(popImage, 50); 

// end of the window.onload anonymous function

function dropImage(){
console.log("dropImage was called with index of " + index + ". intervalHandle1 was set to   " + intervalHandle1

// insert dropImage code here


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Clear the previous interval before setting a new one.

containerDiv.onmouseover = function(){
    intervalHandle1 = setInterval(popImage, 50); 
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Thanks Rob, that worked like a charm. –  Dio Oct 17 '11 at 7:44

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