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Let's say i have a hash

 {:facebook=>0.0, :twitter=>10.0, :linkedin=>6.0, :youtube=>8.0}

Now i want it to change to an array like


I can use a logic to extract and change it in to array, but i was just wondering if there could be any defined methods in ruby which i can use to implement the above.

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sites = {:facebook => 0.0, :twitter => 10.0, :linkedin => 6.0, :youtube => 8.0}
sites.map { |key, value| [Object.const_get(key.to_s.capitalize), value] }
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You can use to_a.

{:facebook=>0.0, :twitter=>10.0, :linkedin=>6.0, :youtube=>8.0}.to_a


[[:facebook, 0.0], [:twitter, 10.0], [:linkedin, 6.0], [:youtube, 8.0]] 

This won't automatically convert your symbols to constants though, you will have to use map (and const_get) for that.

{:facebook=>0.0, :twitter=>10.0, :linkedin=>6.0, :youtube=>8.0}.map{|k,v| [Kernel.const_get(k.to_s.capitalize), v]}


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Just wrap your hash in [] and add asterisks before hash.

[*{:facebook=>0.0, :twitter=>10.0, :linkedin=>6.0, :youtube=>8.0}]
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is the answer. http://www.ruby-doc.org/core-1.9.2/Enumerable.html#method-i-to_a

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