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We're looking for a fast and accurate way to get the visitors location based on their IP.

We have tried ipinfodb.com but their API made our website severely lag when making the API call.

What other services do you suggest?

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Get Geo-IP Information

Requests a geo-IP-server (netip.de) to check, returns where an IP is located (host, state, country, town).

       //Array ( [domain] => dslb-094-219-040-096.pools.arcor-ip.net [country] => DE - Germany [state] => Hessen [town] => Erzhausen )

       //Get an array with geoip-infodata
       function geoCheckIP($ip)
               //check, if the provided ip is valid
               if(!filter_var($ip, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP))
                       throw new InvalidArgumentException("IP is not valid");

               //contact ip-server
               if (empty($response))
                       throw new InvalidArgumentException("Error contacting Geo-IP-Server");

               //Array containing all regex-patterns necessary to extract ip-geoinfo from page
               $patterns["domain"] = '#Domain: (.*?)&nbsp;#i';
               $patterns["country"] = '#Country: (.*?)&nbsp;#i';
               $patterns["state"] = '#State/Region: (.*?)<br#i';
               $patterns["town"] = '#City: (.*?)<br#i';

               //Array where results will be stored

               //check response from ipserver for above patterns
               foreach ($patterns as $key => $pattern)
                       //store the result in array
                       $ipInfo[$key] = preg_match($pattern,$response,$value) && !empty($value[1]) ? $value[1] : 'not found';

               return $ipInfo;



If you want a database use this http://www.phpandstuff.com/articles/geoip-country-lookup-with-php

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This is really good. +1 –  Mob Oct 14 '11 at 11:41
This is nice, but I'd prefer a database as our website receives thousands of requests and the geo IP request will be made per page load. –  Latox Oct 14 '11 at 11:51
@latox i just updated my question, take a look at that link should be what you're after nomsayn? –  David Croft Oct 14 '11 at 11:53
@Latox - If you maintain a local cache with the results of your API calls then you only have to pay the overhead of an API call for each new IP address. But the DB in the above link seems perfect for your application, as long as you don't need up-to-the-minute accuracy. –  Peter Oct 14 '11 at 12:17
thanks for this :D –  Kelvin Barsana Oct 8 at 6:25

The best and latest is GeoplugginAPI its free and no limitations i am used for this my website http://spidersoft.in for location based download read more from this link


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Try this one http://ip.codehelper.io/

Here is PHP code. The code will caching your request automatic, so your server will not send multiple request. Return IP Address, Country, City and more information.

// Required Libraries

// New Class
$_ip = new ip_codehelper();

// Detect Real IP Address & Location
$real_client_ip_address = $_ip->getRealIP();
$visitor_location       = $_ip->getLocation($real_client_ip_address);

// Output result
echo $visitor_location['Country']."";
echo "<pre>";
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The market leader in this space and one that provides an enterprise solution is Digital Element. They offer a wide array of APIs, including PHP, to access their server which you can install locally or access via a web service. Their data is of high quality and the performance of their solution is quite good. MaxMind is another option as well that receives good reviews.

For the best accuracy, you'll want to opt for a service or solution where you get weekly update(s) as this stuff can change quite a bit within a given network. Cost will depend on the frequency of updates, granularity of the geo data, and the number of additional fields or databases you want. Some providers offer language, demographics, company, and domain to name a few.

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Doing a lookup against a third party service on the server will add additional latency. If that's a problem you've got a couple of options:

1) Setup a local geoip database and query that instead. There'll still some additional latency, but much less than calling a web service.

2) Do the lookup asynchronously on the client. Won't work so well if you need the location on the server, rather than the client, but you can always send the location to the server or perform a redirect based on the location.

If 2) sounds like it'll work for you, here's an example of how you'd do it using http://ipinfo.io and jQuery:

$.get("http://ipinfo.io", function(response) {
}, "jsonp");

And here's a more detailed example: http://jsfiddle.net/zK5FN/2/

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Variation for server-side PHP: $ip_details = file_get_contents("ipinfo.io/"; . $ip_address . "/json"); –  Art Geigel Jul 6 at 5:30

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