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I downloaded the jars of Apache POI Open Source project that supports manipulation of MS Office Files.

The folder that I downloaded contains a folder of javadocs of that project.

Now my query is that how can I integrate that with the netbeans so that the auto completion text box will show the docs of the functions of those jars.

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Have you tried Tools|Libraries? There's a tab called Javadoc for each library, it might work

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  1. Right click on the project --> select properties --> Libraries (compile tab).
  2. click on "Add JAR/Folder" and browse for "poi-3.9-20121203.jar" (included in "poi-bin-3.9-20121203.zip" and add it.
  3. Afer adding it.. select it and click on "Edit". and add "poi-3.9-docs.jar" in Javadoc.

for detailed steps of step (3) --> see the guide in this link (first answer): Apache Poi Sourcecode & JavaDoc

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