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I'm trying to write an application that talks to Skype to do a few things. One thing I'd like to do, is when a voice call connects, obtain a list of the participants.

I'm doing this currently by registering for the Skype.CallStatus event. When triggered, this event handler gets a Call argument, which has a Participants property. Currently, however, that list of participants is empty (I'm testing by calling the Skype voice testing service).

Is there any reason why that would be? Is there another way to get the list of participants on a call?

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The only way I can get a list of participants (please, note that I haven't tried hard) is through ICall.PartnerDisplayName property (you'll need to collect the partner names as Skype raises CallStatus event multiple times).


The skype4com documentation for the Participants property states:

This command queries the number of participants in a conference call not hosted by the user.

After reading this I've done a test: start a group call from another machine; in this case the participants list is correct.

A usefull sample on how to use Skype4com:


Hope this helps

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