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I'm working on a custom dojo-widget. Within the widget I am creating some DOM-Nodes dynamically and connect functions to their events.

My code looks similar to this:

var treeItem = document.createElement("div");

if (current.children) // 'current' is set up like: { id: <int>, name: <string>[, children: <id-array>] }
    var treeItemExpander = document.createElement("img");
    [...] // stuff like setting classes and setting the path, nothing special
    dojo.connect(treeItemExpander, "onclick", function () { alert("test expander"); }); // problem line

treeItem.innerHTML +=;
dojo.connect(treeItem, "onclick", function () { alert("test item"); });


Now, as you can probably guess from the comments, the event on the conditionally nested element doesn't get triggered.

Even when i commented out the connect on treeItem (which works by the way), I had no success. I tried treeItemExpander.onclick = function () {...} to no avail as well. The only thing that worked, but makes no sense in a widget was treeItemExpander.setAttribute("onClick", "alert('test');");.

Edit: I made a fiddle with the issue:

Edit: jovica (at the dojo-IRC) found out that the problem does not occur in Chrome on ubuntu.

So how do I get an event attached to that image?

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Have you tried using the string "click" instead of "onclick" for the event name? edit never mind, dojo seems cool with the "on" ... – Pointy Oct 14 '11 at 12:34
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Answered by beuss on the Dojo-IRC:

Modifying innerHTML changes previously appended DOM nodes as well. Appending a text node instead of writing the text directly solves the issue.

Updated fiddle:

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Try to attach the event after you append the element. I think that would solve your problem.

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Nope, no difference at all. – Cobra_Fast Oct 14 '11 at 12:39

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