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I would like to implement a WSGI/Werzeug based web application and need help implementing the form based authentication. I found repoze.who and think it solves most of my problems. It works fine with SqlAlchemy which I will use for my database code. What I'm looking for is code to have salted passwords, protection from session hijacking, ...

Are there any lighweight wsgi libraries to do that? I don't want to use a complete framework like Django, because I need more control over the details of request handling. But I would not like to implement security details on my own.

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Flask is a good microframework to get you started. You can use WTForms to handle the forms, SQLAlchemy as the ORM and Jinja2 to handle the templates. It's a good match.

EDIT: Flask has some extensions that might help with what you need (Login extension?)

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Nice tips, but not really an answer to my question regarding salted passwords and security stuff. –  Achim Oct 14 '11 at 15:21

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