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I need to display a cards game board. My BoardViewModelM exposes an IEnumerable where the CardViewModel has the information where the card should be drawn on the board. I would like the baord to:

  • Use all available size to draw the cards (scaling the location and size data provided by the cards, keeping proportions)
  • Support zooming (including gestures zooming)

I was considering:

  • create a custom ItemsControl (how?) and create a custom panel.
  • Iterate on the collection and dynamically create a control for each one to place on a canvas (seems a bit crude)

What should be my course of action?

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I would use binding to display your card collection - one option is to use an ItemsControl with a Canvas as the ItemsPanel, and set the ItemContainerStyle to position each card. Something like:

<ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding CardCollection}">
      <Canvas />
      <Image Source="{Binding CardImage}" Width="{Binding CardWidth}" Height="{Binding CardHeight}" />
      <Setter Property="Canvas.Left" Value="{Binding CardX}" />
      <Setter Property="Canvas.Top" Value="{Binding CardY}" />                    
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Thanks, I did just that, only to apply re-sizing I created a custom Panel deriving from Canvas. Is it possible to instruct the canvas to auto-resizes content so that it displays all it's content using the space allocated for it? – Asher Barak Oct 15 '11 at 19:10

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