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I have installed Janus to improve my vim. All works fine, except for the Ri documentation, that opens on hovering a keyword. On my installation it shows the output of "ri --help" instead of the documentation of the keyword.

I have found a way to disable it, but I'd rather just fix it. I am using gvim on Ubuntu 11.10.

What is the name of the plugin or script that offers these tooltips?

Could it have anything to do with RVM being active?

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The problem is a bug in the ruby.vim plugin. That triggers ri with a wrong argument.

There is a bug report for this.

Solving is easy: edit file .../ftplugin/ruby.vim and change line 194: the -f argument should not be simple, but either bs or ansi. I had success with bs.

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That fixed the problem for me -- thanks so much! – SweetNickyC Dec 9 '11 at 17:54

Does any of these shortcuts (from ri's homepage) work, especially the last two?

  • ,r opens the search/autocomplete window, and will use a horizontal split to display matching documentation
  • ,R opens the search/autocomplete window, and will use a vertical split to display matching documentatoin
  • ,K opens the search/autocomplete window and prefills it with the keyword under the cursor
  • K is automatically remapped to use ri.vim if the current buffer is a *.rb file
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Yes. The last two give me ri output. The first two appear to do nothing. – berkes Oct 14 '11 at 15:17

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