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I am using following Linux and Windows perl libraries as given below -


use Fcntl; 
use File::FcntlLock


use Win32::API;

So on the basis of the host(Linux or Windows) I am using to run the scripts, I am loading the package-

my $linux_packages = "use Fcntl; use File::FcntlLock; use File::Copy;1;";
my $window_packages
    = "use Win32::API; use Win32API::File qw(:Func :Misc :FILE_ "

if ( $Hosttype =~ /unix/ ) {

    eval "$linux_packages";

} elsif ( $Hosttype =~ /windows/ ) {

    eval "$window_packages";


Now i am trying to use the flags from Linux or windows client , but if i run the script on Linux client it thrown the error for windows flags as

SCRIPT ERROR: Bareword "GENERIC_READ" not allowed while "strict subs" in use

And if quoted GENERIC_READ, it is used as string not as actual flag and via versa.

How to resolve?

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You should factor out operating system specific bits of your own code into separate modules that present a unified interface, and then require the appropriate module depending on operating system.

To do that, you can use Sys::Info::OS and require and import. Something along the lines of the following (untested) should work:

use strict; use warnings;

use Sys::Info::OS;

    my $os = Sys::Info::OS->new;
    if ($os->is_windows) {
        require Win32::API;

        require Win32API::File;
    elsif ($os->is_linux) {
        require Fcntl;

        require File::FcntlLock;

        require File::Copy;
    else {
        die sprintf "Unknown OS: %s\n", $os->name;

# rest of the code
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