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I have two selectors

    var allNodes = $("a.historyEntry");
    var errorNodes = $("a.historyEntry.error");

I would like to to find a node before first error node, so I need to find an index of first error node, how to do it?

I tried to use inArray method, but it doesn't work for this

$.inArray(allNodes, errorNodes.first())


$.inArray(allNodes, $(errorNodes.first()))

Is there any fast way to do it in jQuery or do I have to use for loop?

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If I understand you correctly: some of the nodes in allNodes have the error class, and you want to find the last "good" node before the first "error" node. Is that right? – Blazemonger Oct 14 '11 at 13:32

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It's like indexOf... but just without the Of... it returns the index of the element if it exists, and -1 if it doesn't.

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Use index(). It does exactly the same thing as indexOf in java.

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$.inArray value is the first parameter then the array:

$.inArray(allNodes, errorNodes.first())

should be:

$.inArray(errorNodes.first(), allNodes)


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