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I have a scenario where I have user controls on TabItem of a TabControl in the view. These user controls are individually bound to separate objects in the ViewModel. What I need is these controls to pass through to their bound object, the IsSelected property value of the parent TabItem.

Any ideas on how to do this kind of relay binding?

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Why not have your ParentViewModel track the SelectedIndex of the TabControl, instead of tracking individual IsSelected values?

If that doesn't work, usually I use something like Microsoft PRISM's EventAggregator or MVVM Light's Messenger to broadcast messages to other interested ViewModels.

In this example, I would still bind the SelectedIndex to something in the ParentViewModel, and anytime that changes I would broadcast a SelectedTabChanged message. The individual child ViewModels that are interested in such information would subscribe to these messages, and perform whatever logic was needed based on if the selected tab is the one they belong to.

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I do have the SelectedIndex bound however, my ultimate need is to know when the particular controls and hence the underlying bound object know it is on the current selected tab or even know what their selected tab index is...I want this information in the view model so that I can prune processing to only those objects that are bound to currently user viewable controls, i.e. those controls that are on the selected tab. – Jim Oct 14 '11 at 14:23
@Jim Usually I keep an ObservableCollection<ViewModelBase> Tabs in my ParentViewModel, so my SelectedTab is an object instead of an int. Then when I pubilsh a ChangeTabEvent, I can pass the selected tab along as a parameter, so tabs that subscribe to that event can see if they equal the parameter. If so, they're selected. The other alternative is to put an IsSelected property on your child viewmodels, and have the ParentViewModel set that value whenever the SelectedTabIndex changes – Rachel Oct 14 '11 at 14:28
@Jim as a side note, by default each TabItem in a WPF TabControl gets unloaded when it's not visible. So you could also hook into the Loaded/Unloaded events of the TabItem's content and set the IsSelected property of the DataContext. – Rachel Oct 14 '11 at 14:28

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