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I have an action/view that is going to be used for reporting purposes, no saving of data involved.

I want some form elements to be valid/invalid and if invalid, some errors to be shown.

What is the most CakePHPish way for showing errors in form fields that are not based on a model?

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Even if you're not getting or saving your data from a database table, you still need a model for validation rules, that's the proper MVC way. You can set

var $useTable = false;

In your model if you're not planning on saving/reading anything. You can then use your model to just set your validation rules and messages.

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A model is available, however the form fields are not used for saving. Eg the model has a date_action field, and I have two form fields: date_action_form, date_action_to –  mentalic Oct 14 '11 at 14:24

You can validate your data without saving, within the controller like so:


For more information, please refer here: Validating Data from the Controller

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