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In my application I have set the application to use the strategy to prevent 2 different conversations to work at the same data. But is not working, I don't know why.


1) User1: 
Retrive rowversion from database: 0x00000000001063B0
Do some modification
2) User2:
Retrive rowversion from database: 0x00000000001063B0
Do some modification
3) User1:
Update the data
New rowversion: 0x00000000001063B2
4) User2:
Update the data
Should trown a StaleObjectStateException, 
but the rowversion is updated to 0x00000000001063B4


I have in my application the Fluent Nhibernate configuration:

public static ClassMap<T> RowVersionTracking<T>(this ClassMap<T> classMap) where T : DomainObject

            .Version(x => x.RowVersion)

        return classMap;

And when I save for example, an instance of CustomerOrder that inherits this property:

Has in the mappings:


best regards, Tito

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how does the sql-update of user2 looks like? there must be the Where rowversion = '0x00000000001063B0' in there – Firo Oct 14 '11 at 14:27
You should verify your extension method is generating the correct mapping. Look at this post to configure NHibernate to output configuration information to a log. Set the level value="ALL" to see the actual HBM XML Fluent NHibernate is creating. Run your test and check the log for the CustomerOrder mapping. Make sure its HBM XML class element contains the attribute optimistic-lock="version" and has a child element version name="RowVersion" ... – Sixto Saez Oct 14 '11 at 14:37

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