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Is it possible to reach deadlocks on MongoDb upsert operations? I'm performing a load-test on an upsert operation that looks like:

    { foo: {a: 'xxx', b: 'yyy'}, $lt: {"order.date": someDate}}, 
    {order: order}, 
    true, false);

Deployed on Azure machine with the official mongodb C# driver. Single instance, no replica-sets or sharding yet.

When I run 5000 of this same update command, split among 200 concurrent threads (2 machines @ 100 threads each), most of the times it will end with deadlocks. I.e. many of the calls never come back. I can see from db.currentOp() via the console, many of the updates are still there, stuck in a locked:true, with lockType:'write'.

Why does this deadlock happen? How is it possible? And how do I prevent it? Is there any specific guidelines of what kind of operations should be avoided to avoid deadlocks on mongodb?

Is $atomic related to the solution? I don't even know how to set $atomic:true on c#, though it's probably irrelevant to this deadlock issue.

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Upsert is an update operation? – sll Oct 14 '11 at 15:17
it's an update with the upsert flag set to true – Sheepy Oct 18 '11 at 3:15

$atomic should help

        $and: [
            { foo: { a: 'xxx', b: 'yyy' },
            { $lt: { 'order.date': someDate } }
        $atomic: true
    { order: order },

also, you may want an $and clause. check your explain for your call to see what indexes are being used, etc...

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