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Updated - Added onAfter function

I'm having a strange issue with cycle.

The Issue i'm having, is that the "activeSlide" class, doesn't get appended to the pager buttons until you click on one. It works fine when the pager items are clicked, but on page load, when the slider starts rolling through, it stays on the first pager item.

Here's my jquery:

$(document).ready(function() {

            fx: 'scrollHorz',
            timeout: 4000,
            pause: 1,
            pager: '#nav_slide',
            prev:   '#prev_btn', 
            next:   '#next_btn',

            after:   onAfter,

            pagerAnchorBuilder: paginate



                        function paginate(idx, el)

    return '<div class="slide' + idx + '"></div>';

                    function onAfter() { 

var hasClass = $(".slide3").hasClass("activeSlide");
var hasTheClass = $(".slide0").hasClass("activeSlide");

if(hasClass == true) {
    $("#nav_slide").animate({"left": "-=226px"}, "fast");
}else if(hasTheClass == true) {
    $("#nav_slide").animate({"left": "0px"}, "fast");


Any ideas? I've been stumped for a while now!

Thanks in advance.

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Little clarification in problem statement would help

1) Are you having problems with "navigation buttons" or "pager buttons"?
2) What is "activeClass" . Do you mean "activeSlide" that gets appended to pager(1,2,3..) elements?
3) Please paste HTML & CSS , if these are relevant.

PS: Since the pager elements are links to slides, I would recommend using <a> instead of <div> tags.

function paginate(idx, el) {
                return '<a href="#">'+ (idx + 1) +'</a>';
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Thanks for the responses! I've changed to using a tags instead of divs, good call. I was in a rush when I added in question, sorry for the errors. To clarify: I'm having an issue with the "activeSlide" class that get's appended to the pager elements. HTML & CSS aren't really relevant. What's happening is, when the page loads, the cycle starts normally, but the pager buttons aren't taking the activeSlide class. The activeSlide class remains on the first slide until one of the pager is clicked. Once a pager is clicked, it starts running properly. Any ideas? –  user995542 Oct 14 '11 at 16:56
I can think of 2 possible reasons 1)What is your implementation of 'onAfter' method? The observed quirk could be the result of some error in this method's implementation. Please paste the code for 'onAfter' 2)Browser quirk: What browser and what version are your using to test? @Sreenath $(document).ready(function(){ //handler }); AND $(function(){ //handler }); are equivalents. So they wont create any difference link –  Antony Thomas Oct 14 '11 at 19:21
I've posted the function in the question. I'm using chrome to test, but i also checked ie and ff, it's happening across the board. The 'onAfter' function is checking whether or not the pager item has the 'activeSlide' class. If the fourth pager item has the class, the left position animates. There are only 3 pagers shown at a time, so once it hits the fourth, the left position moves to display the remaining 3. This functionality is incomplete, but that's another story. Any more ideas? Thanks again for the input. –  user995542 Oct 14 '11 at 19:38
By plugging in updateActivePagerLink ,we should be alert in order (0,1,2..) . $("#slider").cycle({ fx: 'scrollHorz', timeout: 4000, pause: 1, pager: '#nav_slide', prev: '#prev2', next: '#next2', after: onAfter, pagerAnchorBuilder: paginate, updateActivePagerLink: function (pager, currSlide, clsName) { alert(currSlide); } }); If this order does not appear,something is wrong. Let me know what happens –  Antony Thomas Oct 14 '11 at 20:29
Thanks for the reply, after plugging it in, i'm only getting '0' to alert. I noticed in the example you put in your comment, you're using id's and not classes, will this affect the functionality at all? If I use the pager links, they proper numbers alert though. –  user995542 Oct 17 '11 at 12:43

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