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It has been well documented how to get a return Id from an Insert to a MongoDb collection in C# (Example). But how do I get that for an upserted document? Is there a way, short of querying for the Id again, to use the SafeModeResult returned by an Update to find the upserted document Id?

My code:
var query = abc;
var update = xyz;
   db["Collection"].Update(query, update, UpdateFlags.Upsert);
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Solution found:

db["Collection"].FindAndModify(query, SortBy.Ascending(), update, true, true).Response.GetValue(1).AsBsonDocument.GetValue("_id")

returns the ObjectId.

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So you know, FindAndModify is an atomic function, which means that if you are doing a lot of writes, it could be slow as it will lock the whole database for each write. I don't believe mongo currently supports collection level locking, so if you run a lot of these, it may cause a slowdown. –  Christopher Currens Oct 14 '11 at 18:51

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