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This is my stored procedure :

ALTER procedure [dbo].[GetProjectDetails]
@id_Project varchar(50),
@Flag varchar(50)

set nocount on;

if @Flag='0'
select oci.id_Project, cm.Project_Name, 
    (select Project_Name from tp_Project_Master mc where mc.id_Project=oci.id_Project) as Project_Name, oci.Thumbnail_Image 
    from tp_Project_Master cm, tp_Project_images oci  
    where cm.id_Project=ocl.id_Project and oci.syncoperation<>'D' and oci.isdefault=1 order by oci.dateadded desc

But I am getting this error :

Msg 4104, Level 16, State 1, Procedure GetProjectDetails, Line 13
The multi-part identifier "ocl.id_Project" could not be bound.

I can't work out why I'm getting this error.

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You don't have an object named ocl (ocl is mentioned in your where clause). You do have an object named oci. I'm guessing its just a typo.

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Because you're using oci to refer to the table, not ocl. Change this line and it should work:

where cm.id_Project=oci.id_Project
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