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In my Grails application, I would like to show some kind of visual indicator (possibly a modal dialog) when an AJAX request is in progress.

I use JQuery for all my AJAX requests, currently they are all triggered using Grails tags, but I expect I'll eventually need to use the JQuery functions directly (e.g.$.ajax).

Is there some way I make this loading dialog appear/disappear each time an AJAX requesting is starts/completes without having to repeat the code in every place I make an AJAX call?

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    ajaxStart: function() { $(this).show(); },
    ajaxStop: function() {  $(this).hide(); }
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If it were me, I would switch over to explicitly using jquery. With jQuery, you can configure settings that all ajax requests will use

   beforeSend: function(xhr, settings) {
     // do mask here
   complete: function(xhr,textStatus){
     // remove mask here


I found all this here.

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It's possible that will work when launching AJAX requests using the Graila tags, becaue it's still ultimately calling the JQuery functions. – Dónal Oct 14 '11 at 14:50
@don, yes that's true too. – hvgotcodes Oct 14 '11 at 14:55

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