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I don't want to create a "flat" tarball that has no internal directory structure. But I want the top-level files to be "loose" rather than mirroring the directory structure they were on originally.


+ archives
+ data
    + site
        + file1.html
        + subdirectory
               + etc...

If I cd into archives and create my tar there, eg: tar -czf archive.tgz ../data/site/* when I extract the tarball later it will recreate data/site/... and then I'll have to mv data/site/* ../some/other/dir.

I'd like to be able to just tar -xzf archive.tgz -C ../some/other/dir and have eg file1.html be right there inside ../some/other/dir.

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Instead of cding to archives and running tar there with a path to the tarfile contents, you should cd to where the contents are and specify a path to the tarfile you're creating:

cd data/site
tar -czf ../../archives/archive.tgz *
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DOH. awwww man. Why didn't I think of that? – Tom Auger Oct 20 '11 at 19:34

You can also use the option tar -czf archive.tgz --directory=data/site/ . without going to the folder

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