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Trying to use python GeoModel class and the bulkloader. I'm calling the following post_import_function which works fine and the entity is updated with the location field set properly.

def post_process_obj(input_dict, entity_instance, bulkload_state):
    entity_instance['location'] = db.GeoPt(entity_instance['latitude'], entity_instance['longitude'])
    return entity_instance

But what I need to do is call entity_instance.update_location() on the entity before it saves to the data store. The entity_instance though is an Entity, not a subclass of GeoModel so I'm not clear how to do this. There was a post a while back that said inline the code or call a function and pass the entity to it but I don't know what that was supposed to mean.

Thanks for any help/sample code.

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You can't do this - as you observed, you're dealing with an Entity, not an instance of your model. The only option is to take the code that you want to execute it, copy-and-paste it, and modify it to work with an entity instead.

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Thanks Nick - i pretty much discovered that although I found a post from Matthew Blaine saying that you can use model instead of "kind" in the bulkloader.yaml although I didn't actually find any documentation. Anyway I fixed my problem by not using GeoHash and porting to use instead which seems to solve my geoquery requirements pretty nicely. – earthtrip Oct 18 '11 at 12:19

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