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I've got a table of object (x, y, z, ...), each one contains a file path and an id. And their own methods: getPath() and getId().

So I want to read each file and store the data in a html element pointed by the id.

But when I do that:

function readFile(path, callback, context)
 var reader = new FileReader();
 // here if I display the objects, I've got in order x,y,z,....
 r.onloadend = function ()
                  // Here is the problem
                  // If x and y has the same "path" attribute value
                  // I've got in order : y,y,z ....
                  callback(r.result, context); 

function main(tabObject)
 for (var i = -1; ++i < tabObject.length;)
              function (result, context)
                  // Doing stuff with the result
                  console.log("the id of the html tag is : " + context.getId());
                  console.log("this is what I read" + result);


It works if all file path are different. But for example :

If the two first objects ('x' and 'y') has the same value of path (like C://Directory/stuff.png).

The r.onloadend function will be called twice with the same object (twice with y). I think it's because for the second reading (for 'y'), the function doesn't need more time to read the file (already read with 'x') and so in the "call stack" y will erase x (the closure of the function is probably not good).

I hope someone can explain me what's happening, and how to fix that.

I found a "solution", in fact I use the "setInterval" function to separate each reading time with 100 milliseconds. Ok it works but this solution is very very ugly and so I let this post until someone can tell me what's happening ...

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Have you tried putting a cache buster string at the end of the filename - something like "c://Directory/stuff.png?123123" - just random numbers –  user258082 Oct 14 '11 at 20:28
I tried putting a cache buster string but it doesn't work either –  Santana6.35 Oct 17 '11 at 8:26

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