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How can I prevent a user from neglecting the normal work flow of a struts application? For example, I have a list of products. This products have options like view edit whatever. If you click on edit, you will be redirected to a page like / and there will be no problem if you go there from List and then click edit a bean will be created with the information of the requested product from database.

Now if you are not logged in and try to access this page / you will be asked to log in and if you do so there will be a NullPointerException because the Bean that is needed to fill the form of this / is not initialized or even created because the application does not even know which product was requested.

So I want to prevent Users from crossjumping from side to side which has no link to each other. Is this possible in Struts?

Thanks for advice :)

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Ah you mention struts 1 :) We successfully used the Struts Workflow Extension for exactly that case. It lets you define page flows and lets you react if users atempt to break these flows by reloading, entering URLs, using invalid bookmarks...

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Thanks looks good on the first view :) – Dennis Ich Oct 17 '11 at 12:42

Encode the product in the URI; that way you beat both your problem and the problem of two open tabs/windows on different products...

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