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in my asp.net page codebehind i am creating some HTML markup and assigning to a div's inner html property.I have some radio buttons in that. How can i read the selected radio buttons in button click event in codebehind ?

EDIT : because of some reasons, i can not use a grid for this.

In my C# code

StringBuilder strHtmlNewOffers = new StringBuilder();
strHtmlNewOffers.Append("<table id='mytableData'>");
for (int i=0;i<5;i++)
  strHtmlNewOffers.Append("<td><input type='radio' name='rad"+i.ToString()+"' id='radItemYes"+i.ToString()+"' value='1' />Yes <input type='radio' name='rad"+i.ToString()+"' id='radItemNo"+i.ToString()+"' value='0' />No</td></tr>"); 

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Why aren't you using a grid for that? – Andre Oct 14 '11 at 15:36

To access the values of the radio buttons, you can add runat=server to the two radio buttons and declare them in your codebehind as:

protected HtmlInputRadioButton rdo1, rdo2;

The values rdo1.Checked and rdo2.Checked is available to you in your Button_Click event handler.

The client side code, you can add a client side event handler to both radio bottons for the change event

onchange="document.getElementById('can be label').innerHTML+=this.checked;"

this can help if i did not misunderstand..

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