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I got both ghc6 and ghc7 on my desktop. To install new packages (for the specific ghc version), I use cabal with the flag --with-compiler=<ghc-dir> to specify for which ghc i want the package installed.

I do cabal update before installing any new package. But how to I specify for which ghc I want the update? I mean, there is no --with-compiler flag as with cabal install. I would think that just like I use ghc-pkg7 for ghc7, there would be cabal7. Apart from the cabal install command which I know to which ghc version it is applying, I don't know which ghc is affected with the other cabal commands.

Also, when I do ghc-pkg check I find problems with some packages and I don't know how to fix.

I would really like to know - if anyone does have - good practices when using multiple ghc versions on the same machine. e.g. how to proceed with installation, updates, etc.

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You can create two configuration files, say ~/.cabal/config and ~/.cabal/config7, and use the un(der)documented option --config-file to select between the two.

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this seemed to be an option but when i looked in the config file, it does not specify which ghc to use. –  vis Oct 18 '11 at 13:18
In my ~/.cabal/config there is a commented-out option with-compiler. I suppose one should uncomment it. –  n.m. Oct 18 '11 at 15:38
It seems like --config-file is an option, though i could not find more about it. I don't expect to get any other answer, may be there isn't. I don't see the point why most of the folks out there will have different versions :) in my case, i needed old+new ghc to be able to work with some old packages/extensions.. –  vis Oct 20 '11 at 14:41

I thought --with-ghc is the appropriate option. I use to have multiple ghc versions on my machine. They all have different names like ghc-6.12.3 or ghc-7.4.1. They are usually installed with these names and a default compiler is chosen by creating symbolic links from, say, 'ghc' to 'ghc-7.4.1'. I think you do not need different cabal directories for different ghc versions. Cabal creates a ghc-6.12.3 subdirectory of lib/yourpkg for GHC-6.12.3 files and so on. Also 'cabal update' does not update installed packages, it only fetches the current package list from your favorite package servers. This should be the same for all installed compilers.

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