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Javascript how i can don't apply plugin to id if he not exists.


// Initialization   
$.fn.wyswig = function(options)
    if (isiOS() || detectAndroid() || detectAndroidWebKit()) return false;              
    var obj = new Construct(this, options);         
    return obj;

If #wyswif_comment not exists in DOM in IE i have error. How check in initializtion function hav element with this id or not.

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Start your code with:

// Initialization   
$.fn.wyswig = function(options)
      if(!this.length) return;

this inside a JQUery plugin function refers to the matched selectors. If the length of the matched element equals zero, exit the function using return.

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Big thanks for this code =) – v.tsurka Oct 14 '11 at 15:47

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