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Here's the setting I'm talking about:

enter image description here

I'm wondering if I can change the Exposé behavior on the fly, or even during initialization in my code? I have some users that don't wish to see my app firmly planted on the desktop (Stationary Behavior), so I wanted to add an option to allow it to roam freely during Exposé. However, I haven't found a property to change this on my window. Is it possible?

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I think you can use this NSWindow method:

- (void)setCollectionBehavior:(NSWindowCollectionBehavior)behavior

List of NSWindowCollectionBehavior options.

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Ah that's right. I had figured that out before but somehow it slipped my mind. Thanks, I'll accept it as soon as it's available. –  sudo rm -rf Oct 14 '11 at 16:14

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