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I was looking into Libre Office Base and I was impressed that they have reporting templates. So now I'm wondering, can my java application call Libre Office and produce reports? And can it pass in the parameters that the report would need?

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I'm getting some good input, but what I'd really like is my user to be able to put in input parameters, so the report could run based on the specifics that they want. – Joe Oct 14 '11 at 20:00

Libre Office saves documents in the OpenDocument format, which uses XML.

I'm assuming that Libre Office saves templates in a similar XML format.

Your Java application can read a template file, process it, and output an XML report in the OpenDocument format, which Libre Office can read, without your Java application having to open Libre Office.

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I would use Apache POI Library for this. It's pretty much the standard in Java for any office document. I've used a lot of libraries over the years, most have one advantage or the other but you're pretty safe with Apache POI. OpenDocument format is just XML same as MS Word the DOCX format. As a matter of fact, rename any docx document to .zip and you'll be able to see the xml.

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If this still is interesting this project might help:

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